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We’re an inclusive indoor cycling community helping you make the most of your workout.

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Our indoor cycling classes are individually tailored for everyone, from beginners to expert cyclists.


Take care of yourself off the bike or reinforce your cycling with strength conditioning.


Training for a race? Looking to improve your overall fitness? Leo can help you.
Stronger Together

Shed some sweat, relieve some stress, and push yourself further than you thought possible.

“Suffering” is easier together.  We aim to make your stronger, healthier and happier.  Whether you are looking to get in shape, build your power for racing, or just love to bike, our studio offers a one-on-one approach to all classes that you won’t experience in a traditional spin studio.

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Reviews from our community

“I’m fairly new to “real” biking - actually cycling instead of just fooling around on a family bike ride. Rock and Ride has been so helpful in teaching me how to be a better biker. It’s awesome to have a coach like Leo notice and help you adjust your form - it’s saved me literal pain (back, shoulders) and made me a stronger rider.”

Melissa ChelfGoogle Review

“Rock & Ride is such a great place to workout. All of the riders I've met have been friendly and welcoming. Leo and Kim are very knowledgeable and they make it extremely easy to ride there. Not only can you store your bike, but it's ready for you when you walk in. They are also huge supporters of local community events.”

Randi Serres PueschnerGoogle Review

“It’s been great to ride with my typical groups in the “offseason.” I enjoy the work-outs and getting to ride with my friends. The best part is walking in and your bike is ready to go on the trainer, it couldn't be more convenient!”

Anna StidntGoogle Review

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