• Always the perfect bike fit because it is your bike on a state-of-the-art trainer

  • Sports specific training
    • Training in a way that as closely parallels the exact demands of your sport as possible, you’re able to yield the most benefit from your rigorous workout program
  • Precisely adjust the wheel resistance using your individual computer for the watts recommended for the workout
  • Option to ride real race courses where the wheel resistance automatically changes to simulate the course

We are equipped with 10 state-of-the-art trainers, CompuTrainer by RacerMate.


What's so special about this system and our classes?

  • Ride in group setting while focusing on individualized results
  • Prevent over-training and injuries
  • Personalized workouts
  • Workouts written by an experienced and certified USA cycling and USAT triathlon coach
  • Riding skills for all levels of riders including proper form, technique, efficient pedal stroke, pace setting, climbing, standing and aero position riding
  • Storage available for bike
  • Locker and shower facilities available
  • First Class is on us!