• Always the perfect bike fit because it is your bike on a state-of-the-art trainer

  • Sports specific training

  • Training in a way that as closely parallels the exact demands of your sport as possible, you’re able to yield the most benefit from your rigorous workout program

  • Precisely adjust the wheel resistance using your individual computer for the watts recommended for the workout

  • Option to ride real race courses where the wheel resistance automatically changes to simulate the course

  • Track progress – wattage, lactate threshold, VO2, cadence, speed

  • Safe – traffic free environment

  • Group environment – competitive, testing, fun

  • Efficient way to get high-intensity workouts – People tend to ride at “steady state” when riding with a group – those rides are fine some of the time, varying intensities should be incorporated into your rides to see improvement.

  • Can simulate a hilly course

  • Instant feedback from coaches

  • It’s always 65° and dry at the our studio

  • We are equipped with 10 state-of-the-art trainers, CompuTrainer by RacerMate.

COMPUTRAINER: Train with power!

Computrainer is a state of the art multi-rider system that collects and shows data such as power (watts), mph, cadence, av. watts/kilogram, heart rate… everything you need to know and more!  This state-of-the-art trainer is calibrated to your weight prior to every ride, and when paired with our course profiles, the fly wheel adjusts following the course terrain.

Using CompuTrainers, our coaching staff implements proven training methods to increase your power, speed and overall performance.