Ride At Home | NEW Trainer Rental Program

For the past few weeks, we have all had to adjust to a new normal. I hope you have been taking the time to continue to ride your bicycle and stay healthy, both physically and mentally. I go to sleep worrying you are forgetting that voice in your head telling you to “make big circles, keep shoulders relaxed”! All kidding aside, I do hope that you’re still working hard and reaping the benefits from your indoor riding this winter.

In-Home CompuTrainer Rental

Although our indoor riding season was cut short, Kim and I have been trying to find a way to help you maintain your fitness level while riding indoors with your fellow Rock & Ride cyclists. With that in mind, we are exited to rent you our trainers!

CompuTrainer rental details:

  • 30 day trainer rental for $50/mo
  • Detailed instructions to set up at home
  • Online personalized workouts
  • Zwift compatible (must be connected to computer)
  • Free home delivery
  • (10) trainers available
Rent Trainer | $50/mo

Live Online Classes - FREE For Everyone!

Starting MONDAY APRIL 6th, we will re-start our classes- live online via Houseparty app Chat with your friends while we suffer together!

Our modified (new) schedule will be:
Tuesday: 5:30am
Wednesday: 5:30pm
Thursday: 5:30am
Saturday: 7:00am (Power Plus)

These are all donation-based classes. No Punchpass required. If these times do not work with your schedule, the workout will be posted on our website after the live class.

Already have a smart trainer? Great! You may still join us for donation-based live online classes listed above.

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