Our studio exists to help you reach your goals, tailored for every ability level!


Our certified fitness and sport-specific professionals have created the area's leading endurance and fitness training go-to place. Our mission is simple. We want to help you reach your personal fitness and performance goals as efficiently—and safely—as possible.

To accomplish this mission, we offer training programs tailored for every ability level, from the purely indoor or beginner recreational cyclist to the seasoned, committed athlete.

You can take advantage of all the resources we offer individually or in any combination of your choice. Together we can help you get there!

Success is the same of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out.
— Robert Collier


ROCK AND RIDE my friend

ROCK AND RIDE my friend

Our studio is dedicated to the memory of our good friend JEFF LITTMANN.  Just before wheels up, Jeff would always say 'ROCK AND RIDE'. His love for cycling was infectious to all and he eventually realized his dream of owning a bike shop.  Sadly, his passion was his demise.  One sunny morning in 2010 while out on a ride, Jeff was hit by a car. 



  • Ride in group setting while focusing on individualized results

  • Prevent over-training and injuries

  • Personalized workouts

  • Workouts written by an experienced and certified USA cycling and USAT triathlon coach

  • Riding skills for all levels of riders including proper form, technique, efficient pedal stroke, pace setting, climbing, standing and aero position riding

  • Storage available for bike

  • Locker and shower facilities available



An avid triathlete, Leo's first passion has always been running. A gifted runner since High School, Leo also ran during his collegiate days. Having focused on the 400m and 800m in college, Leo understands the strength training and technique work necessary to both be fast and quick, as well as being able to sustain longer efforts. His 6+ years of Track and Field experience led him to becoming a certified USA Triathlon and USA Cycling coach. Leo is TRX qualified instructor.  He has served as the race director for the Mini Donut Half Marathon since its inception in 2015. 

  • USAT level 1 certified coach

  • USAC level 3 certified coach

  • TRX Suspension training and Group Training certifications

USAT Level 1, USAC Level III coach

USAT Level 1, USAC Level III coach